Combo Tool - Ettore BackFlip - Stainless Steel
$36.00 $33.54
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Combo Tool - Ettore BackFlip - Stainless Steel

$36.00 $33.54
You save: $2.46

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We think that sometimes, you can’t mess with a classic. We like to think of this tool as the original combo tool. One really neat thing about this window-cleaning washer, squeegee combo tool is that the two parts separate so that you are able to use them individually. This means that you are getting essentially three tools in one. The squeegee and the washer lock into each other and are then able to attach to a pole. The squeegee uses a stainless steel channel, so it is hardy and resilient but not to heavy. And the washer uses the Ettore Golden Glove sleeve, which scored a five out of five on both our durability and dripping tests. Another great feature about this washer, squeegee combo tool is that you can change the orientation to fit your clean style. Some window cleaners prefer the switch so that they use the washer then flip over to use the squeegee. Other window professional window cleaners like to give the “time-saving” method a shot and position the tool so that the washer and the squeegee are facing the same way. This way, the combo washers the window and squeegees the water off at the same time. This is our best selling combo tool and we must say, we totally get it.          





     1. Can come apart to use as separate pieces

     2. Uses a stainless steel channel so it is super durable.

     3. Uses the Golden Gloves sleeve

     4. Plastic handle with hand impressions for easy grip



      The Combo Sleeve abc Test Results:

    • 5dur.png
    • The durability score shows how well this sleeve will hold up with the everyday use. Score is out of 5 with 5 being the most durable.
    • 4howmuchwater.png
    • This score showed us how much water the sleeve can hold. Score is out of 5 with 5 being the most water held.
    • 5drip-copy.png
    • This score shows how much water is left dripping after the sleeve has been wrung out. Score is out of 5 with 5 being the least dripping.

Size: 10 Inch

Brand: Ettore

Can be used individually: Both

Handle: Fixed


1 Review

11th Jul 2012

Great idea

Nice product, nervous about the plastic handles, but they seem quite durable. Saves switching tools and great for pole washing.

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