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Ettore Stainless Steel Clip Style Standard Rounded Channel

$5.90 - $9.70 $5.64 - $9.34

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Ettore Stainless Steel Clip-Style Channel

Ettore's steel clip-style channel is a great choice if you're looking for a stiff channel that won't bend while you're trying to clean windows. 


Features and Specs

  • Material: steel
  • Style: clip
  • Rubber type: Round
  • Body type: Standard
standard-body-icon.jpg Round Rubber Icon Clip icon
Standard Body Round Rubber Clip Style


1 Review

Glenn Thompson 21st Apr 2020

Ettore SS channels are value.

Ettore SS is truly stainless. Zero rust after being submerged all workday for years. The stainless channel has more flex for longer channels than brass or aluminum, but it springs back into shape (doesn't bend from dropping). Standard clips were included. That good Ettore rubber was included.

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