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Ettore Super Channel Wide Body Clip Style Rounded Aluminum Channel

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Ettore Aluminum Wide Body Super Channel

The Super Channel is back in production by Ettore Products. Ettore aircraft grade aluminum channels stay straighter and last longer. The Super Channel accepts standard rubber and uses brass clips. Remember... these squeegees require less pressure to operate. 


Features and Specs

  • Material: aluminum
  • Style: clip
  • Rubber type: Round
  • Body type: Wide Body
Wide Body Icon Round Rubber Icon Clip icon
Wide Body Round Rubber Clip Style


2 Reviews

31st Aug 2016

The 18" is designed poorly.

I like the bigger Ettore wide-body squeegees, but the 18" is designed differently and is finicky. My 30 has a better turning radius than the 18. Not sure what is wrong with this channel, but I'm not happy with it.

29th Jul 2016

Heavier than expected, and massive on quality.

This is my first wide-body squeegee, and I was fully impressed with the feel of the thick, unbendable quality. It really does feel quite nice when in use. You really need to watch the angle though, because when you dip the angle of squeegee too low, then the thick metal can touch the glass. Scary to use on tint or film. Also, this squeegee is not as forgiving to uneven glass surfaces. On another note; the wide-body is too big to fit into some buckett hip-holsters without putting pressure on the rubber blade. Too much time in the wrong holster can affect the blade evenness. These are my go-to squeegees, so I would fully recommend them to any serious window washer. Always keep a smaller (more bendable) squeegee in case the wide-body can't find it's way to clean some uneven surfaces.

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