Unger Ninja Wide Body 18"
Unger Ninja Wide Body 18" view 2
Unger Ninja Wide Body 18" with handle
Unger Ninja Wide Body 18"
Unger Ninja Wide Body 18" view 2
Unger Ninja Wide Body 18" with handle
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Unger Ninja Clip Style Wide Body Rounded Aluminum Channel

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Unger Wide Body Aluminum "Ninja" Channel

The Unger Ninja is a revolutionary aluminum channel that takes a different angle on the traditional clip approach. You can change the rubber quickly and easily with its innovative end plugs, and because it is made of aluminum, it's super lightweight. Its wide body design also allows it to stay stiff and straight against the glass, minimizing unwanted flex and speeding up the time it takes to finish a job. 

Product Innovations

  • Adjustable rubber tension ensures perfect results for every window size and channel length.
  • Lightweight aluminum channel does not bend and keeps rubber perfectly straight on the glass surface.
  • TriLoc mechanism prevents channels from accidentally separating from handle.
  • The ErgoTec® Ninja locks onto the Unger Locking Cone and can be used for safe high access cleaning with telescopic poles. Maximum Efficiency
  • Clean large glass surfaces in less time.
  • Perfect pressure distribution – less power needed. 
  • Swivel lock makes pole work fast and easy.
  • Fast rubber and channel change with channel always in secure position. The new ErgoTec® Ninja provides numerous features for increased efficiency for the professional window cleaner. Channels up to 36“ in length to dramatically reduce the time needed for cleaning large surfaces, allowing more work in less time. The revolutionary ergonomic design ensures smooth and easy performance – even after hours of intense cleaning.ErgoTec® Ninja – the smartest tool for professional window cleaners

Features and Specs

  • Material: aluminum
  • Style: end plugs
  • Rubber type: Round
  • Body type: Standard
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Wide Body Round Rubber Clip Style


4 Reviews

13th Mar 2019

Ninja Channel

I was using the Ettore Wide Body Channel and then I discovered Unger's Ninja squeegee. I'm much more happy with the ease of changing the rubber. The clip tabs on the ends make for easier changing of the rubber and the Ninja handle feel so comfortable in my hand! 2 thumbs up for the Unger Ninja!

19th Sep 2016

The best tool, worth every penny.

Super fast and smooth. No streaks and no adjusting the blade. I will be getting more sizes as you only need one handle. If you know what you are doing this the tool for you.

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