Garelick Pole
$20.90 - $77.75 $19.75 - $71.18

Garelick Pole

$20.90 - $77.75 $19.75 - $71.18

SKU: 941xx-x



Why are Garelick poles for window cleaning our number one selling brand of pole? Garelick poles have no external collars so they easily slide through your hands without catching. Internal locking features lets sections open and close faster, which saves time and reduces the fatigue of locking and unlocking external collars (be sure not to over-tighten). The pole reaches from 2 feet to 24 feet. Garelick window cleaning poles come with an acme threaded tip. The poles work with most acme threaded tools. It comes with a free threaded wooded tip allowing the poles to work with most tapered tools. Garelick as a company has been around for over 65 years and prides itself on the quality and durability of their poles. Considering the popularity of their poles for window cleaning, most professional window cleaners would agree.    


  1. Acme threaded tip/ also comes with one acme threaded tapered wooden cone
  2. Internally locking collars



94102-2 2' 2 0.44 lbs 17" 4/10
94104-2 4' 2 0.68 lbs 29" 4/10
94106-2 6' 2 1.16 lbs 53.5" 4/10
94108-2 8' 2 0.91 lbs 41" 4/10
94108-3 8' 3 1.28 lbs 40" 4/10
94112-3 12' 3 1.79 lbs 55.5" 4/10
94118-3 18' 3 2.52 lbs 80" 4/10
94124-4 24' 3 3.58 lbs 82" 4/10

  *Stiffness is a subjective measure for comparing our poles to each other.


Garelick Window Cleaning Pole Key Features

Replacement Parts

  • 941-TIP - Replacement Tip
  • 941-2 - Grip for Two Section Pole



2 Reviews

21st Mar 2020

They wear out too fast

These are the best poles......and these are the worst poles. Been using these for 25 years and nothing has improved or changed. The good: best pole out there for ....well...pole work. No collar, smooth for gliding through the hands, compact, easy to use. The bad: the rubber piece at the bottom is crappy and wears out quickly, exposing the sharp metal. (I have seen at least one window get broken because of this.) Internal mechanism is crappy and wears out quickly. Metal on inside gets corroded making it hard to open and close, can't replace internal parts. Expensive for a product that wears out too soon. I, for one would be willing to pay double for a similar pole that is better made. Garelick has gotten lazy. Someone needs to invent a better mouse trap.

16th Feb 2013


Light, smooth, and fast! A soap slinging', squeegee slipping', towel wippin' window man pole!

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