730 Chemical Resistant Gloves
730 Chemical Resistant Gloves
$3.20 - $3.50 $2.99 - $3.25

Gloves -- Chemical Resistant - Green Nitrile

$3.20 - $3.50 $2.99 - $3.25

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Made from a special nitrile compound, Nitri-Solve provides excellent protection against abrasion, puncture, cuts, snags and resistance to a broad range of solvents, animal fats and other chemicals. Permeation testing shows that Nitra-Solve's chemical resistance is equal to or better than that of any similar nitrile glove. Nitri-Solve's case hardened finish enhances both chemical and abrasion resistance and makes it easy to pull on and off. A non-slip grip makes wet work easier, safer and its ergonomic design maximizes comfort.


This glove can also be used as an inexpensive WINTER glove, use with liners for additional warmth.



  • Flock-Lined
  • Non-Slip Grip
  • Easy to Pull On and Off
  • Meets NFPA 1992 (2003 ed.) -- CEO123


Recommended when using harsh abrasive chemicals.

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