MDR-180-CLEAR Whip End Dip Clear
MDR-180-CLEAR Whip End Dip Clear

Rope Accessory - WHIP-END DIP - 4 Ounces Bottle - Clear





Whip End - CLEAR
Replacement Part





  • Seals all Thickness Rope Ends
  • Seals all Rope Splices Easily and Permanently
  • Tough & Flexible
  • Water Based
  • Resistant to Salt Water, Gasoline, Oil & Acid
  • Available in 3 Colors (Red, White or Clear)



Seal your rope ends to prevent fraying and add a color-coding option to your gear with this water-based vinyl compound sealant.

WHIP-END DIP eliminates the use of tape. Resistant to salt, water, gasoline, oil and grease. Excellent application for Manila, Nylon and Polyethylene ropes. Made in USA.

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