1423G Ettore Rubber - Gross
1423G Ettore Rubber - Gross
$21.50 - $91.50 $18.75 - $79.95

Rubber - Ettore - Dozen

$21.50 - $91.50 $18.75 - $79.95

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The Pro's Edge Since 1936

Ettore Steccone was an Italian immigrant who came to the United States after World War I. His invention of the brass single-blade squeegee revolutionized the industry and is still the standard of quality today.
Ettore Steccone's commitment to making the finest rubber has been the hallmark of the company that bears his name, making it "the number one choice of professionals".

Designed to fit most standard squeegees including
brass, stainless steel, and aluminum.

Not for use with Sorbo Squeegees.

18 Reviews

Clear Looks Window Cleaning 19th May 2022

It lasts

Just knocked out 215 commercial windows and this rubber works as well on 215 as it did on 1. Spend the extra few bucks!

Matt 28th Jan 2022

Don't Get The Hype

I bought a dozen of these for my Liquidators and I've had nothing but headaches with them. I've had much better experiences with the generic brands that cost half as much. The rubber is soft and almost has a gummy nature to it and doesn't glide at all for me no matter what technique I try, especially when using a pole. Also has a tendency to leave little streaks of water behind much more than other brands I have used. The only positive thing I can say is they last longer than any other brand I've tried, although I wish they didn't because I still have over half of them left and I wish they were gone. Life: 5 Stars Water Removal: 2 stars Slickness: 2 Stars Price: 1 Star

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