Triple Crown Gold WaterFed® Pole Triple Crown Collar Close up Triple Crown Gold WaterFed® Pole
Triple Crown Gold WaterFed® Pole
Triple Crown Collar Close up
Triple Crown Gold WaterFed® Pole
$325.00 - $1,530.00 $305.00 - $2,160.00

Triple Crown Gold WaterFed® Pole

$325.00 - $1,530.00 $305.00 - $2,160.00

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Triple Crown

In-Stock - Options from 18' to 61'

High Quality Pole At A Great Price!

Introducing the all new Gold water-fed pole by Triple Crown. This pole is light weight and very rigid. Features innovative hand adjustable clamps. Pole includes:

  • Carbon Fiber Pole
  • Brush with Pencil Jet
  • Pole Tubing with Quick Connect
  • Plastic Angle Adaptor
  • Shut Off Valve
HeightWeight*MaterialUnextended LengthBottom DiameterPole Tubing Length# of SectionsStiffness**
18'  2.45 lbs


61" 1.2" 25' 4 6.5/10
25'  3.1 lbs

Carbon Fiber

69" 1.31" 35' 5 7.5/10
35'  4.6 lbs

Carbon Fiber

69" 1.55" 45' 7 7.5/10
40'  5.5 lbs

Carbon Fiber

71" 1.66" 55' 8 7.5/10
47'  7.25 lbs

HiMod Carbon Fiber

69" 1.91" 55' 10 8.5/10
61'  9.75 lbs

HiMod Carbon Fiber

95" 1.91" 75' 10 8.5/10


 *Weight is of the pole without brush, tubing, or other accessories.


** Stiffness is a subjective measure for comparing our poles to each other.


Looking for a little more height? 

Check out this extension pole created specifically for the Gold and Platinum WaterFed® pole, Click Here


  • Hybrid
  • Carbon Fiber
  • High Modulus Carbon Fiber

Triple Crown Gold Pole Key Features:


Helpful Resources:

Gold Pole Video Guide


Gold Pole Written Guide



Hose Fittings
Pole come with the fittings you need to hook up your pole to a pure water cart.  Both the quick-connect hose fitting and the quick-connect shut-off valve are included. The shut-off valve connects to any standard male garden-hose fitting.


Replacement Section For This Pole:

Looking for Accessories? 


40 Reviews

Robert Seifts 6th Jul 2020

Weight and stiffness

Great pole, real light and pretty stiff when extended all the way out, wish I bought it sooner. Brush is to soft for me and the bristles are curling after just a few uses. Went back to the original stiffer Black brush.

Kevin Burchett 6th Jul 2020

The weight of the pole and how well made. (Asked favorite thing about the TC Gold WF pole).

We have used the gold pole for cleaning and found it is a very durable, well made pole. We were completely satisfied with the weight of the pole given the length of it.

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