Triple Crown Modular WaterFed® Pole
Modular Pole End
Modular Pole Collar With TC switch and brush
Modular collar
Triple Crown Modular WaterFed® Pole
Modular Pole End
Modular Pole Collar With TC switch and brush
Modular collar

Triple Crown Modular WaterFed® Pole

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Triple Crown

In-Stock - Options from 33' to 55'


It's Back! The abc Modular WaterFed® Pole is back! 

Introducing the all new Modular pole by Triple Crown. This is our lightest and most rigid pole.  Pole includes:

  • Triple Crown Modular WaterFed Pole
  • Double Jet Brush
  • Pole Tubing with Quick Connect
  • Plastic Angle Adapter
  • Shut Off Valve
  • Carrying Case
  • Can of PTFE Spray 
  • Rubber Bottom Section Plug

 *Colors may very slightly from photos




Unextended Length

Bottom Diameter

Pole Tubing Length

Additional Pole Sections # of Sections

 3.25 lbs



Carbon Fiber


1.31 inches


 Additional Section


 5.52 lbs

High Mod Carbon Fiber


1.55 inches


Additional Section




Key Features:

  • 100% Hi Modolus Carbon Fiber composition
  • All Sections are numbered for easy assembly
  • Pull-n-Twist to remove sections
  • Add or Drop sections in seconds
  • Use with External tubing
  • Stronger lateral sidewall


Helpful Resources:

Modular Pole Video Guide
Watch The Video


Modular Pole Written Guide
Coming Soon


About The Modular Pole:


Modular Design 

The sections of this pole fit together in a modular fashion (as opposed to telescopic).  This allows the worker to carry around only the sections needed at the time, further reducing weight.  Sections are numbered for easy assembly.


Free Carrying Case

All abc Modular poles come with a free carrying case for easy, safe and reliable storage.  This bag will fit the pole and all of its accessories and tubing with room to spare.


Rubber End Section Plug

This rubber plug comes with every Triple Crown Modular Pole. It is plugged into the bottom section of the pole to protect the open section from bending. 


Looking for Replacement Parts or Modular accesories? 

Double-Jetted Brush:


Pole come with a 12" rectangular double-trim brush
with standard pencil jets AND deluxe fan jets pre installed.
Block Dimensions: 3/4" x 2-1/2" x 10-1/2"
Bristle Dimensions: 1-3/4" x 3" x 11"
Total Brush Weight:
1.05 lbs. (476g)


Hose Fittings
Pole come with the fittings you need to hook up your pole to a pure water cart.  Both the quick-connect hose fitting and the quick-connect shut-off valve are included.  The shut-off valve connects to any standard male garden-hose fitting.



1 Review

25th Oct 2017

Triple Crown modular pole

I have had a few different poles through the years, over all this one is my favorite. Fully extended it is much stiffer than others and the modular system is easier to work with once you get used to it. It does not have the issues of the clamps wearing out (which always happens eventually) like telescopic poles. If a section breaks it's simple to order another. The only problem I have had is that the sections sometimes bind together and it takes multiple hands to loosen it, this is also an easy way to break a section so be careful the lubricant doesn't always work.

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