Unger Ninja Holster Unger Ninja Holster with Scraper (scraper sold separately)
Unger Ninja Holster
Unger Ninja Holster with Scraper (scraper sold separately)
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Unger Ninja Scraper Quick Attach Window Cleaning Holster

$30.00 $28.14
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Unger Ninja Scraper Holster

Unger’s Ninja Holster for Scrapers is Unger’s unique solution for protecting a window cleaning scraper while on the job. At just over 7 inches tall and 6 1/2 inches wide, the holster is designed to easily secure the scraper in place while locking to a belt. Made from hard and durable plastic the holster has a metal inset that allows the scraper blade to be protected while not having to use its cover. The holster is compatible with most 4-inch to 6-inch window cleaning scrapers on the market, whether flat or angled. The holster can attach to a belt without removing the buckle.  


  • Material: Plastic. Steel.
  • Dimensions: 7.5" x 6.5"

8 Reviews

Matt 12th Aug 2021

Unger Holster

This is an absolute must for your belt if you regularly use a 6" scrapper. Much safer and convenient to use. Works great and I have no complaints, very well build and looks like it will last. If you don't have one don't wait and order it right away, you'll regret you didn't buy it sooner.

Tanner Billis 26th Apr 2021

Fast, Easy & Safe

It makes it fast, easy and safe for your blade. I use Unger 4" & 6" blades in the holster. I prefer these over the blades you have to close with the plastic flap. My only complaint is water stays in the bottom so if your not using stainless blades they will make them rust.

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