Unger Pro OptiLoc
 Unger Pro OptiLoc
$32.00 - $103.00 $27.90 - $89.94

Unger Pro OptiLoc

$32.00 - $103.00 $27.90 - $89.94

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ON SALE: 8' (2 part) and 12' (3 part).

The Unger Pro OptiLoc pole, is one of the most popular and reliable poles for window cleaning available. The system allows you to assemble a pole for window cleaning with extended lengths from 4 feet to 30 feet. The Pro OptiLoc telescopic pole for window cleaning has adjustable collars with easy locking mechanisms, which secure the poles at the desired length (be sure not to over-tighten). Unger poles for window cleaning come with a tapered tip that ends in acme threading. The tip also features a locking mechanism to secure select Unger tools to the tip and features a quick release button for fast tool change. The poles work with most tapered and threaded tools, but work especially well with Unger tools. The poles are solid, lightweight, and manufactured from extruded aluminum. Unger is known for making quality tools that help you do your job and the Pro OptiLoc pole is no exception. The tips and collars are strong, the pole is easily repairable, and the number of replacement parts and accessories available mean you can find almost anything you might need to keep your pole doing what it does best, cleaning windows.   


  1. Tapered tip with acme threaded end. Works especially well with Unger Tools.



EZ120-2 4' 2 0.79 lbs 30" 4/10
EZ250-2 8' 2 1.36 lbs 55" 4/10
EZ400-2 12' 2 1.91 lbs 83.5" 4/10
ED370-3 12' 3 2.40 lbs 62" 4/10
ED550-3 18' 3 3.23 lbs 85" 4/10
ED600-3 20' 3 3.40 lbs 90" 4/10

  *Stiffness is a subjective measure for comparing our poles to each other.


Unger window Cleaning Pole Key Features

Replacement Parts



3 Reviews

Dan 1st Nov 2020

Great Pole

I have been using these Unger Poles for 28 years, and still do. This newest model has an improved collar for easy tightening and loosening

Dylan Thomas 27th Aug 2020

Works great... but pole tip wears out easiliy

These poles are definitely a step up from what you can get at the home depot. and it is great to affix tools on with the locking button, but we have a half dozen or so pole tips that are pretty new that have worn out, its just not a great design. If can imagine lots of folks are having this same issue. I hope they can fix the design. Some tips have the metal springs that secure the poles, but these are just really flimsy plastic.

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