813BK Glacier ICE BAY Gloves
813BK Glacier ICE BAY Gloves
$30.50 - $34.00 $25.90 - $28.90

Winter Gloves - ICE BAY Sharkskin Neoprene - Glacier Products

$30.50 - $34.00 $25.90 - $28.90

SKU: 813BK



2mm premium fleece lined, Sharkskin Neoprene with curve fingers. Unique texture provides excellent grip. The finest quality neoprene is blind stitched and glued for improved comfort. High quality waterproof* glove.


  • Texture (Sharkskin)
  • Warm (fleeced lined)
  • Comfortable
  • Curved Fingers
  • Flexible
Order Gloves one Size Larger when Using 008 Liners  



Measure around the palm. DO NOT include the thumb area.

Size Chart:

Size Fits Hands
M Up to 9 in (22-23 cm)
L 9-9.25 in (23-23.5 cm)
XL 9.25-9.875 in (23.5-25 cm)



Neoprene gloves (with care) should last one season. Use extra care around ladders and while using poles. Gloves will loose water resistance with regular wear and tear.

No Warranties, Exchanges, or Returns on Winter Gloves


1 Review

Jonathan 6th Jan 2018

Glacier Gloves

Keeps your hands dry and warm. These gloves do exactly what they're intended to do. Not meant for construction grade use but perfect for using a squeegee.

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