D020BA00 - Petzl ID - 2019 Update D020BA00 - Petzl ID - 2019 Update D020BA00 - Petzl ID - 2019 Update
D020BA00 - Petzl ID - 2019 Update
D020BA00 - Petzl ID - 2019 Update
D020BA00 - Petzl ID - 2019 Update

1/2" Petzl Self Braking I'D Descender


SKU: D020BA00



Petzl I'D 1/2" - 2019 Version!


Featuring: Anti-Panic Handle

Descender -- Petzl - I'D 1/2" Self braking descender and belay device, with anti-panic feature.

  • Anti-panic handle: the I'D will lock onto the rope if the user pulls too hard on the handle.
  • To descend simply pull on the handle, the regulation of the speed of descent is carried out by varying the grip on the free end of the rope with the other handle.
  • Extremely strong and durable body in anodized aluminum and cam in stainless steel, disengaging handle glass fiber reinforced polyamide.
  • Self braking system: mechanical system that pinches the rope and locks the user onto the rope as long as he/she does not pull on the handle of the device
  • Backwards Loading Prevention

Use only general use life safety ropes. (Core+Sheath) Diameter between 12.5 MM and 13MM


  • ANSI Z359.4 2013
  • NFPA 1983 G
  • EN 341 type 2Class A
  • CE EN 12841 type C
  • EAC

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FeaturesRope SizeMaximum Working LoadDevice WeightMaterial
 Petzl Self Braking I'D Descender  12.5 - 13 mm

280 kg (617 lbs)

600 g (1.32 lbs)





1 Review

Joseph 23rd Jun 2012

Descender -- Petzl - I'D - 1/2"

I've been cleaning windows for over 30 years. I still do chair work at least half the time. I also am fairly large at over 250 lbs. I decided to try this because I have seen descenders come untied while someone was working, and recently had it happen to me twice on the same job. Once I was stuck and had to get help, how embarrassing? It is very easy to use. I've found features like taking up the rope in the climbing mode very useful when working on balconies and ledges. I do not like having to use 2 hands to descend because if my rope grab isn't dropping on it's own I have to keep stopping and moving the grab down. This waste a lot of time and I have not yet figured out how to work the rope grab I have and manipulate the grab. There might be a way but I haven't found it. I do not like the panic stop, it's too easy to set it while free falling. I guess I have to purchasing the the petzl ASAP even though it is expensive because I actually prefer using this descender.

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