SKU: D021AA00

7/16" Petzl Self Braking Rig Descender

D021AA00 D021AA00 D021AA00 - open
D021AA00 - open


SKU: D021AA00

7/16" Petzl Self Braking Rig Descender


A great descender for experienced High Rise Window Washers.

  • Designed for rope access work (expert users only, otherwise check out the Petzl ID with its anti-panic)
  • Multi-functional handle allows the user to:
    - unblock the rope and control the descent with the hand on the free end of the rope
    - position while on the rope without tying off the device
  • The safety gate on the moving side plate helps prevent dropping the device and facilitates installation of the rope and passing intermediate anchors
  • Pivoting cam facilitates taking up the slack in the rope. Can also be used to make a reversible haul system, and for short ascents.
  • Self Braking
  • Handle storage position reduces the risk of snagging when the descender is being carried on the harness
  • Spring-loaded descent handle to prevent risk of involuntary action
  • Can be loaded without disconnecting device from harness


  • NFPA 1983 T
  • EN 341 Class A

Looking for an ANSI device? Check out the Petzl ID.

The parts of the device that wear out from friction with the rope are made of metal. The plastic parts are in contact with the rope and are usually still working well long after the metal is worn through!

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FeaturesRope SizeDevice WeightMaterial
 Petzl Self Braking Rig Descender  10.5 - 11.5 mm (7/16")

400 g (0.88 lbs)


Stainless Steel



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