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7/16" Petzl Self Braking I'D Descender


SKU: D200S0




I'D 7/16"


Featuring: Anti-Panic Handle

Self braking descender and belay device, with anti-panic feature.

  • Anti-panic handle: the I'D will lock onto the rope if the user pulls too hard on the handle.
  • To descend simply pull on the handle, the regulation of the speed of descent is carried out by varying the grip on the free end of the rope with the other handle.
  • Extremely strong and durable body in anodized aluminum and cam in stainless steel, disengaging handle glass fiber reinforced polyamide.
  • Self braking system: mechanical system that pinches the rope and locks the user onto the rope as long as he/she does not pull on the handle of the device.


  • Self Braking
  • Anti-Panic
  • Backwards Loading Prevention
  • Can be loaded without disconnecting device from harness


  • ANSI Z359.4 2013
  • NFPA 1983 T
  • EN 341 Class A
  • CE EN 12841 type C
  • EAC

Rope Size:

  • 10-11.5mm

Minimum Breaking Strenght (MBS):

  • 14kN (3147.33lbs)

Device Weight:

  • 530g (1.17lb)


  • Aluminum
  • Plastic

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2 Reviews

10th Feb 2018


Too bad there is not an option for 0 stars. This is a long review, but worth the read. Especially if you value life and money. I have put off writing this review for some time, because I love abc, but I came across this product while scrolling through their website and all the terrible feelings came rushing back. If I didn't write this review, I feel I would be doing a discredit to any person who buys this product and goes through the same ordeal. I have gone through 4 of these ($1,000+) and they didn't even last us half of our cleaning season. You might ask, why would you keep buying them if they didn't work? Great question. We bought two and they starting acting up, so we were instructed to get ahold of Petzl and go through their warranty process. We were assured that they were supposed to last much longer and Petzl would stand behind their products. In the meantime, we needed to keep working so we bought two more, paid overnight shipping, confident Petzl would send us two new products that we could use as a couple backups. I mean, we hadn't even used them for more than a couple of months... What is worse, is we have found them to be incredibly unsafe, and all of our guys refuse to use them. Experienced climbers/wind turbine techs, not afraid of heights, refusing to use a pice of equipment because it instills FEAR in them.... that says something. What happens is you'll be descending and randomly and the device starts slipping and and easing off the handle doesn't slow you down. By slipping, I really mean OUT OF CONTROL DESCENDING, so you have to literally move the handle into the lock off position to slow yourself down, eventually hoping (and praying) you'll come to a stop. *As a side note, this is something Petzl warranty dept. says is a horrible thing to do to the device and could be the reason it is not working properly.... No, that is why we were forced to do it, because the device was MALFUNCTIONING!! There have been times we were about 2 stories off the ground and the thing failed and we went crashing into the ground. Obviously there is some sort of friction with the rope running through the device... apparently just enough to keep the ASAP (rope grab) from engaging. Most certainly not a pleasurable experience to say the least. Common knowledge states that if your MAIN DEVICE has failed, and you are relying solely on your backup, there is no longer redundancy and you are now only supported by one line. It is also demoralizing to know that after your main Petzl product has failed (ID/Rig) you are relying on another one of Petzl's fine products as a last resort, to catch you before falling to your death. By this, I am referring to the ASAP. Like mentioned, we got ahold of Petzl warranty dept. and long story short, after reviewing the devices, they said their warranty didn't cover normal wear and tear. They say that the steel on the cam had worn past the wear indicator.... Really? Do you make your steel out of 50% butter? As opposed to the chocolatiers philosophy, where creamier is better, Petzl is supposed to be making hardened steel! Honestly, swear on my life we hadn't used them more than a couple of months! I was told that if I invested in these, they would last YEARS! The next two, I hoped would last longer... not the case. Our guys instructed me the two BRAND NEW DEVICES that we bought to replace the garbage, were doing the same thing. Upon our own inspection, they had passed the wear indicator, again after only a couple of months. Halfway through our work year, we ended up buying good old racks and haven't had a problem since. See the thing is, when these worked, I LOVED them! The entire thing is a stoke of genius. Their one and MAJOR flaw is the steel cam, the heart of the device. The steel wears down much to quickly. I loved all the safety features, it has so much redundancy and you felt so safe. Until of course that feeling of safety was violated after putting your full trust in this piece of equipment and having it let you down. Not only can we not afford to use these devices... $1,000 over 4 months = $250/month for one piece of equipment (no... not a vehicle). We really can't afford to have our guys NOT TRUST the equipment they are using. We need our guys to have CONFIDENCE in their gear so they can work and not worry. We also can't afford the Workers Comp claim when our guys come crashing into the ground and hurt themselves, sending our insurance premiums through he roof. In full transparency, we were not using brand new ropes. We use our ropes to work, so naturally they get dirty. This might contribute to the cam wearing out faster, but still. Petzl needs to design a product that takes these elements into account because as it turns out, guys don't store their ropes in glass cases and only handle them with a white glove. Also, maybe Petzl as a company is not bad and would stand behind their products. Maybe they value safety? Maybe they just employed a terrible individual that happened to be over our local warranty dept. that told us it was our fault that the devices broke. Maybe it was just this one employee who tried to tell us we were the reason they made a terrible product and that because we didn't know how to use them it was our fault. Really, anyone should look at it like: you know, your receipt was from two months ago and you have passed the wear indicator, let me get that replaced for you. Common sense says that it should last longer. (i.e. buys a car, 5,000 miles later engine goes out... sorry, looks like normal wear) Until Petzl redesigns the ID and Rig, it is a major NO GO. My recommendation: Buy ANYTHING else besides the Petzl ID or Rig.

22nd Sep 2014

No more tristed rope

I had been using the Sky Genie cylinder that I bought 15 years ago and was always frustrated by the twisting of the rope right in front of my face while trying to wash a window halfway down the rope on a ledge. When stepping on a ledge the rope becomes relaxed but bunches up in front of me because of the "curling" action on the rope being subjected to a cylinder while under tension. None of that exist with this. Very easy to use with the instructions on how to thread the rope right on the device itself. An expensive investment but quite proud to own it. Interestingly enough, the Sky Genie sold for about $100 15 years ago. I noticed its about the same price as this now. Yow can control the speed of the descent better with the Sky Genie.

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