Ettore Super Channel Wide Body 30"
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30" Ettore Super Channel Wide Body Clip Style Rounded Aluminum Channel

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Ettore 30" Aluminum Wide Body Super Channel

The Super Channel is back in production by Ettore Products. Ettore aircraft grade aluminum channels stay straighter and last longer. The Super Channel accepts standard rubber and uses brass clips. Remember... these squeegees require less pressure to operate. 


Features and Specs

  • Length: 30"
  • Weight: 9.6 oz
  • Material: aluminum
  • Style: clip
  • Rubber type: Round
  • Body type: Wide Body
Wide Body Icon Round Rubber Icon Clip icon
Wide Body Round Rubber Clip Style


1 Review

25th Feb 2016

Great for most doors because it fits!

I already owned a 36" but found it was too big for most doors that are divided in the middle. This channel fits perfectly. One guy figured out how to use both at the same time to make one giant swipe on large windows and gets the work done even faster! Way to go Steve! We are increasing our clientele because we have more time! For us that means more money as well.

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