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abc Slick Wetting Agent

$8.50 - $125.00 $6.80 - $110.00

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Slick is an incredible wetting agent
It actually makes your water wetter!

This Formula Is New And Improved!

 Slick is not a cleaner but can be added to almost any cleaning solution, improving its performance. Slick helps your cleaning solution to penetrate through layers of soil faster, deeper, and more evenly than water.


The Slick Advantage:

  • Your squeegee moves faster and easier
  • Extends the life of your squeegee rubber
  • Glass stays wetter longer on hot days
  • Breaks through layers of soil allowing water to penetrate deeper, faster, and more evenly
  • Provides extra lubrication for scraping
  • Makes water wetter.
  • More affordable than other wetting agents on the market

A little goes a long way - just add 1 teaspoon
(approximately 1/6 of an ounce) per 2 gallons of water!


Reduce the Chance of Scratching Glass
while Working with Scrapers!



5 Reviews

Blasted Restoration, LLC. 5th Oct 2020

Fantastic Product

This product, along with ABC's new Soaker Sleeve, made a great improvement in cleaning windows. We were able to clean 18 windows - inside & out without reapplying solution. Thanks fellas!

Art Heath 1st Oct 2019

works great

I cannot add much to the first comment above; Slick has been a pleasant surprise to me, and I'm wondering why it took me so long to try it.

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