2105-16-01 Sorbo Glide
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Chemical - Wetting Agent - Sörbo - Glide - Pint

$10.75 $9.81
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SKU: 2105-16



Squeegee Glide

A drop of Sörbo Glide makes the squeegee slide before the window dries. Glide is a friction reducer and is not a cleaner. Add to your favorite window cleaning solution.

Sörbo Glide makes water lay down in sheets and reduces friction. It also slows down evaporation, which is ideal in warm, dry climates.

  • One Teaspoon per 2 Gallons of Water
  • Keeps Window Wet Longer
  • Squeegee Rubber Lasts Longer
  • Reduces the Chance of Scratching Glass While Scraping


Reduce the Chance of Scratching Glass while Working with Scrapers! 




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