abc Cerium Oxide Powder
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Chemical - Stain/Scratch Remover - abc - Cerium Oxide Powder - Super High Grade 90%

$23.00 - $39.00 $22.77 - $35.99

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Super High Grade 

Cerium Oxide Compound

 For use in the removal of minor scratches; water stains, hard water deposits, and some acid burns. Make a paste with Cerium Oxide and water. Before using, allow to stand a few hours or over-night. Brush onto glass and use with a white pad, dense wool wheel or felt pad wheel. Keep wet by adding water as needed. As a slurry it can be re-circulated through polishing systems. Avoid overheating.


Advantages and Applications:

  • Removes minor scratches
  • Super High Grade 90% Pure
  • 1.5 - 2.5 micron glass polishing compound
  • Cerium Oxide is the Main ingredient of many expensive slurry compounds
  • Removes most Water Stains
  • Removes most minerals and hard water deposits.
  • May correct Acid Burns


Free Advice - Warning - Disclaimer

abc can not be held liable for free advice. abc can not be held
liable for the use or misuse of any scratch removal or stain removal product.

Scratched glass and stain removal are two areas to be very careful. Every year WINDOW CLEANERS SPEND MANY THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS paying for someone else's mistake. Too often the customer's bad glass becomes your bad glass.

There are too many variables and situations that are beyond your control, things like glass installed backwards; poorly made glass; fabricating debris; previous damage caused by other companies, etc.

The window may already be scratched or damaged beyond repair but you couldn't tell until you removed the outer deposits and dirt. How can you tell if it is already ruined when it is so coated with junk that you can hardly see the glass?

Remember ... Sometimes patients die on the operating table. Some windows need replacing before you even show up. A hammer may be the final solution.


  • Make them sign a waiver.
  • Test the product first in a little corner on every piece of glass.
  • Replacement is much more expensive and the customer needs to know that it may still be necessary.



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