JBF MK3 Triumph Scraper
$19.00 $16.65
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JBF Triumph 6-inch MK3 Straight Window Cleaning Scraper

$19.00 $16.65
You save: $2.35




The best selling Triumph 6-inch Scraper makes easy work of all your specialized window scraping jobs. Paint, tape, stickers and construction debris like stucco or caulk can be quickly and efficiently removed from walls, windows, tiles, and glass. This Triumph Scraper is 6 inches for maximum efficiency. Find other sizes here. The Triumph Scraper’s hollow handle is ergonomically shaped to fit the human hand and is designed to fit on most extension poles allowing the professional window cleaner the ability scrape various debris from hard to reach windows with ease. Some window cleaning scrapers, such as the Triumph Scraper, offer the option where the head of the scraper will be angled to the side or angled forward. These options allow the window cleaner the best alternative for the demands of the job. This scraper is the straight version, but there is also an angled version. The choice between straight and angled is a personal preference. Blades for window scrapers are commonly available in stainless steel or carbon steel. Carbon steel is preferred for heavy use because it’s thicker and slightly stronger. Stainless steel blades are more flexible and more resistant to rust but aren’t quite as sharp. Stainless steel blades are only recommended if you scrape occasionally. This scraper comes with a double-edged stainless steel blade. Replacement parts and accessories can be found below. A Triumph 6-inch Scraper is a must for professional window cleaners when windows need a heavier cleaning than soap, water, and a washer sleeve can provide.  



90 degree side-to-side angle


40 degree front-to-back angle




Replacement Parts

  • TRI25-B -- Carbon Steel Blades - Pack of 25
  • TRI25SS-B -- Stainless Steel Blades - Pack of 25


Looking For Scraper Holsters?

CAUTION Cut Hazard. Sharp Blade. Scrapers have functional sharp edges. Contact may result in injury. Handle with care.  


1 Review

3rd Jun 2011

Great scraper

I have one of these and one of the MK2s but if I have to use a scraper I want this one because of the rubber handle. It just feels better in my hand. I use the stainless steel blades so that I don't have to replace them every time I use it.

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