Goblin 26cm Lanyard with Rope Surfer
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Lanyard - Goblin with Rope Surfer

$20.00 $19.80
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Camp Safety



10in Lanyard w/ Rope Surfer


26cm Goblin Lanyard with Rope Surfer was designed to work with the Goblin backup device. This lanyard offers 26cm (about 10in) between you and the safety line. What makes this piece of equipment invaluable is the "rope surfing" feature. Essentially, you connect the safety rope into the clasp on the top of the lanyard. This will allow the lanyard and the connected Goblin to follow with you as you descend. It stops the lanyard from becoming an annoyance when the cleaner would otherwise have to adjust the lanyard to follow your descent. 


EN 795/B       

EN 354 

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