Moerman 18" LIQUIDATOR ONLY Rubber Replacement
Moerman 18" LIQUIDATOR ONLY Rubber Replacement
$396.50 $295.00
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Liquidator Only Moerman 18" Angle Cut Rubber 100 Pack

$396.50 $295.00
You save: $101.50

SKU: 21983-100




Moerman 18" Liquidator Angle Cut Rubber 100 Pack

The Moerman rubber, made for the Liquidator Channel only, possess angular cut ends that perfectly match to the plastic ends on the Liquidator channel. Used in its entirety, the Liquidator and corresponding Moerman rubber work together to reduce water left behind, even on the trickiest windows. It is long lasting, providing streak-free results. 


  • Streak-Free results
  • Lasts longer
  • Ideal for colder temperatures
  • Adjusts better to uneven surfaces

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1 Review

Eldean - New System Window Cleaning, Colby, KS 24th Jun 2016

Moerman Duraflex rubber

We like the rubber as well as the squeegees, but my one concern is that there seems to be more little nicks in the individual squeegee rubbers than other brands I have used. We put in a new rubber at times and have to flip right away because a little nick leaves a line of water across the window! Sometimes this happens once in a package of 10 squeegee rubbers and that seems to be more than should be!

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