Moerman LIQUIDATOR ONLY Rubber Replacement
Moerman LIQUIDATOR ONLY Rubber Replacement
$28.50 - $39.65 $27.12 - $37.68

Liquidator Only Moerman Angle Cut Rubber 10 Pack

$28.50 - $39.65 $27.12 - $37.68

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Moerman Liquidator Angle Cut Rubber

The Moerman rubber, made for the Liquidator Channel only, possess angular cut ends that perfectly match to the plastic ends on the Liquidator channel. Used in its entirety, the Liquidator and corresponding Moerman rubber work together to reduce water left behind, even on the trickiest windows. It is long lasting, providing streak-free results. 


  • Streak-Free results
  • Lasts longer
  • Ideal for colder temperatures
  • Adjusts better to uneven surfaces

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2 Reviews

Bright View 22nd May 2017

Works like it is intended

L & O- Don't push so hard!! This isn't a strong mans squeegee... you have to have the finesse to know what works and where. The soft rubber and this style is meant to be used at a medium pressure. I always gave the guys with the Mice and men grip a brass channel and they worked well with those. I could never train them to use a Ergo or Liquidator. Also- The weak armed, guitar playing and female cleaners always seemed to fair well with the Ergo. The liquidator is for those with patience and talent.

L&O Windows 3rd Apr 2016

McKiernan rubbers

I like that it is a soft blade but dont like how the corners are quickly used up. Then it starts to leave a trail off line. Otherwise I like it. I have only been getting 1 week to maybe 2 weeks of usage before the ends are used up or tearing. Then flip it n get less usage because ends are frayed n easily damaged by the edges.

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