WF40003532 Angle Adapter Kit
WF40003532 Angle Adapter Kit
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Pole Accessories - Pair of Adjustable Angle Adapters - Euro/ACME Conversion Kit

$15.00 $13.95
You save: $1.05

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Acme Thread Euro Thread


You receive 1 ACME to ACME and 1 EURO to EURO.


Configure Four different styles:

1. Euro Female fittings are for waterfed pole with European threading.
2. Acme Female fittings for some waterfed pole with acme threading
3. Euro male threading is for connecting to European Brushes
4. Acme male threading is for connecting to American dusters, pad holders and other accessories.

Configure your angle adapters to customize your pole.

Since Vikan brushes are the most popular and they are European you will mostly use Euro female and Euro male (EE). Check your pole tip and mix and match the two for the perfect combination!

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1st Oct 2015


I bought an acme thread pole and a euro thread Vikan squeegee, and I fixed my problem with this piece!

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