SKU: MRR250A-[x]

Roof Rig - Rooftop Roller -- MIO - Includes Counter Weights

$4,195.00 - $4,875.00 $4,600.00 - $5,350.00
MRR250A-2x4 RoofTop Roller
MRR250A-2x4 RoofTop Roller


SKU: MRR250A-[x]

Roof Rig - Rooftop Roller -- MIO - Includes Counter Weights

$4,195.00 - $4,875.00 $4,600.00 - $5,350.00
Usually Ships Within 2-3 Weeks

As a rope access window cleaner, you know that safety and security are no joke. This MIO Artificial High Directional, more often referred to as a roof rig, provides you a safe and sturdy point off of which to rappel. Whether you are cleaning windows or using it for exterior building maintenance, this MIO roof rigger is OSHA, CAL, IWCA, and ANSI compliant so you can feel assured in your personal safety and safety rule due diligence.  Available in a variety of frame sizes, this roof roller has tires so that moving it is relatively easy, while the tires also lock into place so that it won't move during use. Also, this and all other MIO products are covered by product liability insurance.          

  1. Height at Anchor Point

  2. Outreach

  3. Inside Parapet Wall Clearance at Shoulder

  4. Span From Front to Rear Wheels


SKUUnit WeightCounter WeightsCounter Balance Safety FactorHeight of Anchor Point# of 13' Rubber TiresSpan from Front to Rear WheelsInside Parapet Wall Clearance at Shoulder
MINI MRR250A-2X4  130 lbs

12 - 504 lbs

4:1 52" 6 4' 43"
MIDI MRR250A-2X6  150 lbs

8 - 336 lbs

4:1 65" 4 6' 55"
MAXI MRR250A-2X8  145 lbs

6 - 252 lbs

4:1 80" 4 8' 70"
MIDI MRR2550A-3X6  173 lbs

12 - 504 lbs

4:1 71" 6 6' 55"
MAXI MRR250A-3X8  156 lbs

9 - 378 lbs

4:1 86" 4 8' 70" 



Q: Is this a replacement for an anchor?
A: No, the roof rig needs to be tied back to an anchor.
Q: Do I still need to have a backup line?
A: Yes, you still need a backup line tied back to an independent anchor
Q: Can I move the rig back and forth while in use? 
A: This is strictly prohibited except when specific requirements are met. Refer to the owner’s manual or contact MIO for details.
Q: Which size should I get?
A: You should consider the space constraints and the size of parapets on your job sites. Smaller rigs take up less space but require more counterweights and are heavier to move.


The MIO Roof Rigs ship directly from MIO in PA. Normal lead time is 3 business days plus shipping time. They ship trucking in a large wooden crate.
Unless you have a commercial loading dock and the means to accept a large crate, the roof rigs ship to the nearest FedEx
terminal to your location and are held for pickup.  During pickup, make sure to bring a large vehicle like a truck.
It’s also recommended to bring a power drill and a hammer or crowbar for opening the crate.

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