The Triple Crown Solo WaterFed System has RO pre-filters designed to last the life of the membrane. At 18 lbs, the Solo has the smallest footprint available for a WaterFed system.

The system produces 1.2 gallons of purified water per minute. It is one of the highest production unpowered systems available, and this is without the use of a pump. The cost of gallon of purified water is $0.099. 

There is no setup, no pressure gauge, no pump, no valves or switches, and no filters to change. With a pre-set bypass flow for ease of use, all that’s required is to turn the water on and go.

This system is ideal for one person, and for frequent use cleaning 1-2 stories, or up to 6 stories with a pump.

The Solo is designed for low TDS areas (200 or less) since RO will remove approximately 95% of the TDS and get you to the required 10 or less to do pure water cleaning. In an area where the TDS is over 200 or if you are getting results higher than 10, just hook up a DI filter.


  • Solo System
  • TDS meter
  • Shutoff valve
  • Bypass hose
  • Owner's manual

Getting started with a Solo WaterFed system.