WF601311 Hose Valve WF601311 Hose Valve
WF601311 Hose Valve
WF601311 Hose Valve
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WaterFed ®- Hose Fittings - Shut-off Valve - Connects Exel Pole end to Standard Garden Hose

$7.00 $6.65
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This pole end fitting connects an Exel pole to a Garden Hose and has a built-in shut-off valve.


Female thread attaches to male end of garden hose.



Quick connectors like this one can save you and incredible amount of time on the field.
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3 Reviews

Elizabeth Spilker 22nd Oct 2020

Waterfed connect

Also pretty well the same comment. Getting it to disconnect is impossible. Have to use a garden hose connector with shit off valve and unscrew the connection. Also the plastic parts have completely deteriorated after not even a year of use. Praying for a stainless steel or brass solution to this problem.... maybe similar to those used with pressure washers.

James A Worsham 17th Jun 2019

WaterFed Disconnect

The same comment as the previous review. It works but getting it to disconnect is difficult. I have to use a screwdriver to pry the plug out of the socket while holding the release sleeve back. I have begun to just unscrew it from the RO/DI filter I use it with. That is quicker than the "quick disconnect".

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