WF601311 Hose Valve WF601311 Hose Valve
WF601311 Hose Valve
WF601311 Hose Valve
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WaterFed ®- Hose Fittings - Shut-off Valve - Connects Exel Pole end to Standard Garden Hose

$7.00 $6.65
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This pole end fitting connects an Exel pole to a Garden Hose and has a built-in shut-off valve.


Female thread attaches to male end of garden hose.



Quick connectors like this one can save you and incredible amount of time on the field.
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3 Reviews

22nd Oct 2020

Waterfed connect

Also pretty well the same comment. Getting it to disconnect is impossible. Have to use a garden hose connector with shit off valve and unscrew the connection. Also the plastic parts have completely deteriorated after not even a year of use. Praying for a stainless steel or brass solution to this problem.... maybe similar to those used with pressure washers.

17th Jun 2019

WaterFed Disconnect

The same comment as the previous review. It works but getting it to disconnect is difficult. I have to use a screwdriver to pry the plug out of the socket while holding the release sleeve back. I have begun to just unscrew it from the RO/DI filter I use it with. That is quicker than the "quick disconnect".

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