SOABG - Sprayer OnABelt -- Unger
SOABG - Sprayer OnABelt -- Unger
$45.29 $43.00
You save: $2.29

Sprayer OnABelt -- Unger

$45.29 $43.00
You save: $2.29




Sprayer on a Belt

Combined with Microwipes, makes surface/wet cleaning faster and easier.

  • Sprayer hooks onto belt, providing optimal weight support.
  • Flexible hose extends 3' for upside-down spraying.
  • 33 oz. bottle includes.


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3 Reviews

Garrett 21st Apr 2018


I have used this spray bottle set up for over a year now. 100 jobs later this thing is still working like it is brand new. Best investment ever. Just be careful outside around bushes.

30th Sep 2016

Expensive cheap sprayer.

Breaks after a couple of uses.

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