Triple Crown Gray Plastic Slotted Tubing Swivel T-bar
Triple Crown Gray Plastic Slotted Tubing Swivel T-bar
Triple Crown Gray Plastic Slotted Tubing Swivel T-bar
Triple Crown Gray Plastic Slotted Tubing Swivel T-bar
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Triple Crown Gray 18" Plastic Slotted Tubing Swivel T-bar

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Triple Crown


You know, when you're the best, it really is hard to say if you're being biased or not. With that said, the Trip Crown swivel t-bar is made with a lightweight and durable plastic. Our t-bar was designed with slots to help hold (and most importantly) and keep water. Without the need to keep dipping your t-bar, you'll find yourself with a little bit of extra time on your hands. And to top it off? This t-bar is fitted with a contour grip and a swivel handle that allows you to move and pull anyway you need to get those spotless windows.

  • Length:18 Inches
  • Fits: 18 Inch Sleeve
  • Material: Plastic
  • Movement: Swivel



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1 Review

15th May 2017

Does anyone test window cleaning equipment?

I've stopped being surprised at how equipment designed for professional window cleaners who use this stuff every day seems to be made with the only overriding objective of being as cheap (low cost) as possible. For example: who wouldn't pay a little more for a metal Sorbo handle that wasn't made from metal one grade stronger than tin foil? If you look at that handle wrong, it bends into a useless shape. It loses its angle and it's ability to grasp the Sorbo channel. When a company had a great design like the first generation Unger zero degree, they inexplicably abandon it. I almost bought a small company two years ago simply because the sake would include a small supply of these abandoned gems. The screw that holds this swivel applicator unscrews itself simply due to use of the swivel joint. Did anyone test this product? Does the company also sell fishing lures that dissolve in water? How about sunglasses that lose their tint in direct sunlight? I really think there is a market among the millions of companies that rely on this equipment for equipment that is durable, tested, and generally excellent. We would pay much more for products like that.

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