SKU: ABxx-x

Triple Crown Sectional Pole

$13.75 - $99.00 $17.50 - $108.00
Triple Crown Sectional Pole
Triple Crown Sectional Pole


SKU: ABxx-x

Triple Crown Sectional Pole

$13.75 - $99.00 $17.50 - $108.00

Triple Crown window cleaning poles are all about usability. They are lightweight aluminum and can be handled easily and safely. The pole options range from 4 feet to 18 feet. The collars for this window cleaning pole are adjustable with easy locking mechanisms, which secure the poles at the desired length (be sure not to over-tighten). Triple Crown window cleaning poles come with a tapered tip that ends in acme threading. The poles work with most tapered and threaded tools. Triple Crown poles offer all the replacement parts and accessories you need for window cleaning. Drop or add sections for up to 4 different lengths.  Many professional window cleaners choose Triple Crown poles because they know the poles will help them get their jobs done, day after day.    


  1. Snap in tapered tip with acme threaded end



AB04-2 4' 2 0.77 lbs 29.5" 4/10
AB08-2 8' 2 1.32 lbs 53.5" 4/10
AB12-3 12' 3 2.55 lbs 60" 4/10
AB18-3 18' 3 3.59 lbs 86" 4/10

 * Stiffness is a subjective measure for comparing our poles to each other.


Triple Crown Window Cleaning Pole Key Features

Replacement Parts

  • ABTIP - Pole Tip
  • AZ-2C - Collar
  • AZ-1#1 replacement section 
  • (Note: there is no #2 replacement section)
  • AZ-3#3 replacement section 
  • AZ-4#4 replacement section 
  • AZ-5#5 replacement section 




Customer Reviews
3 out of 5 stars
Based on 3 reviews
Brandon 4th Dec 2023

Love the pole but the tips need to be more sturdy!

Overall these are quality poles, especially for the price. The only drawback is the tip. I either needs to be made with a sturdier plastic or a metal option need to be made available for purchase. On the plus side the tips are cheap to replace so in the end it's workable. I've outfitted all of my guys with them and as long as I give them back up tips they are happy to use them.

Bart 24th Jul 2023

TC poles

I like most of all the Triple Crown products but their poles are garbage. Twist locks are junk.

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