White Thin Pad
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Pad -- White - Thin - 1/4" X 6" X 9"

$0.60 - $33.50 $0.59 - $31.99

SKU: WP1469-xx



This cleaning pad is 1/4" x 6" x 19" and can be used by hand but is designed to fit pad holders. Works great for cleaning glass, sinks, tubs, countertops, and ceramic or plastic tiles.




  • Use by Hand
  • Quarter Inch Thick
  • Use with a Pad Holder


3 Reviews

27th Jun 2019

Great pad

Ever come across LOW E coated glass that you cannot touch with any type of metal including steel wool? This is the pad you would use to scrub that glass and mild acid on pad to remove stains on LOW E from metal touching glass. I also use the pad with hard water stain remover on shower glass, I cut out rounds and use them on high speed buffer with hard water stain remover paste. Follow with a polymer sealer on microfiber towel.

23rd Mar 2018

White Pad gets it clean

Great for light scrubs. Won't leave scratches.

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