At only 28 lbs, the Triple Crown Phaser WaterFed Cart can be transported and used almost anywhere. This unit is ideal for those without access to power. The Phaser cart has no need for a power outlet, it runs on the pressure coming out of the tap.

This RO DI WaterFed System produces 1.053 gallons of purified water per minute. The cost of a gallon of purified water is $0.016. The cost is kept low because of the multi-filtration system. 

While this system is ideal for one person, and for frequent use cleaning 1-3 stories without needing a pump, adding a pump will allow you to work higher and faster.


  • Phaser system with filters
  • TDS meter
  • Shutoff valve
  • Bypass hose
  • Owner's manual

Getting started with a Phaser WaterFed system. 

This Quick Start Guide will help you learn how to use your Phaser system and get started cleaning windows. 

This video is a helpful guide to show you the step-by-step process of changing your Phaser WaterFed® system's filters.