HC01 Towel Holder
HC01 Towel Holder
HC01 Towel Holder
HC01 Towel Holder
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Towel Holder - Hip-Clip - Each

$6.70 $6.49
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*Towel and belt not included

The Hip Clip was designed for maximum holding power in the window washing industry and is now available for the paint, mural, housekeeping, culinary industries and many more.

If you are tired of your rags falling off your belt, this is the solution.

It comes with two types of belt clips for permanent and temporary attachment to your belts and pants.

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29th Jan 2020


I found that if I cram the towel all wadded up in a ball into these PLASTIC clips I can snap them easily! Ha! Just kidding here, I have never broken one of these clips because I watched the vids on them and use them correctly, i have had them on my belt for 5 years! The rod does work its way out sometimes but after some therapy and cup of tea I manage to...uh...push it back in. Phew! You gotta be kind when sliding them onto a pants belt, its just plastic but works fine if you treat your equipment right.

11th Aug 2018

Works great until...

The idea is wonderful. It works great until the clip that holds it on your belt breaks off after only a few months of use. Still trying to figure out how to attach a more durable belt clip to it so I can use it again, so I'm back to retracing my steps to see where my microspun towels fell off my tool belt.

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