SOAK06 ABC Soaker Sleeve - 6"
SOAK06 ABC Soaker Sleeve - 6"
SOAK06 ABC Soaker Sleeve - 6"
SOAK06 ABC Soaker Sleeve - 6"

abc Soaker ® Sleeve - Starting at

Triple Crown


The #1 Selling Soaker® Is Back! We found the original material, and all shipments are made with this material. Thank you for your patience while we sourced the material.

abc Soaker ® Sleeve

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Are you tired of your ends blowing out within a few weeks? Our Sleeves feature extra material on inside ends, and extra stiching for increased durability. 

sm-sleeve-r4-c3.jpg Extra sticky tabs both inside and out.     
Sleeves are longer in length than most. An 18" sleeve measures approximately 20". Better loose than tight to increase sleeve life.

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14 Inch  
18 Inch  
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30 Inch  


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The Reviews are Two Thumbs Up!

The corners are triple stitched and reinforced with an inside piece of material on each end. The Soaker ® uses extra stick tabs; more on the outside plus sticky tabs on the inside for extra holding power.

We might be going overboard but you won't have to worry! 

5 Reviews

16th Jan 2017

It's hold water well

It's hold water well

10th Oct 2014

Not good

I bought a 6" and 18" to test and compare to Unger Microstrip and Pulex Blue Microfiber sleeves. The ABC version does not hold as much water, it drips to excess, and the texture is course. Sorry, but I'm returning these.

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