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Carts & Pure Water Systems




From the super portable Phaser to the 5 Stage Enterprise, we carry the best Pure Water Systems in the window cleaning industry. Our carts use Reverse Osmosis (RO) and/or DeIonization (DI) techniques to provide a portable solution for water purification. Stay ahead of your competition no matter the situation by matching one of our easy to use WaterFed® systems with your favorite WaterFed® pole and experience the cleaning power of pure water.  

The trick with purchasing a WaterFed® cart is not dependent upon the method used to purify water, for the water being treated by our WaterFed carts will always come out pure. Rather consider the cost per gallon of purified water. This factor has to do with filters as well as the pressure supplied by the cart. Built with speed and safety in mind, the WaterFed cart is ideal for both residential and commercial cleaning.

abc SG system 

The SG systems employs a 21 inch Carbon/Sediment filter, one 40 inch RO membrane filter and a 21 inch DI filter. The units features a durable steel powder coated frame with 10 inch tires. The larger wheels and wide stance allows the unit to roll over a variety of landscaping. The heart of its filtration system is a replaceable RO membrane. This not only allows the unit to process higher than average TDS, but also contributes to such a low cost per gallon for pure water production. The unit also features a drain which allows the user to reduce the overall weight of the unit when lifting into their vehicle. click for more information. 

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abc DS9

The DS9 has a Carbon/Sediment, two RO, and one DI filter that work together to purify water. The filtration is highly efficient, resulting in a low cost of $0.02 per gallon. If you are working in an area with especially low TDS, or doing work that doesn't require perfectly clean water, you can save money on filters by switching the system to use RO only, saving your DI filter. You can easily determine if this is necessary on the fly using the inline TDS meter. click for more information

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NXT WaterFed Cart

abc Enterprise TS3000

Coming in at less than 200 pounds, the ABC Enterprise is the next generation in Pure Water Mobility. It has five stages, with a total of four filters. The total cost per gallon of water purified is very low, which makes this cart a great idea for anyone looking for a long term investment. That's just the tip of the iceberg, click for more information

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abc NXT System

The NXT is the first completely upgradable WaterFed® cart! Available in five versions, you can get the version that fits your needs. This also means you are able to control your cost per gallon of purified water depending on attachments. If your needs change in the future, you don’t have to buy a whole new cart... Simply upgrade to the next version! Interested? Click for more information

abc Phaser TS2200

The Phaser is our go-to entry level system. Extremely portable and incredibly easy to operate. You'll be able to figure it out in minutes and start making money right away. It's a multi-stage system, so the cost per gallon is low. Click for more information.



abc Voyager TS2100

State of the art WaterFed® technology, the Voyager is lightweight and easy to load. The design allows the system to very compact while providing lots of filtration. The Voyager has a multi-stage filtration system. Its low cost per gallon of purified water makes this inexpensive WaterFed system ideal for small to medium jobs. Click for more information.

abc Photon TS2300

Consider the Photon your introduction into the wonderful world of WaterFed. This system uses Di filtration to purify water, while keeping the entire system our most lightweight. Simple to operate, the Photon serves as the best option for periodic window cleaning. The price of the Photon, combined with it's respectable cost per gallon of purified water makes it a no-brainer for newbies. Ready for WaterFed? Click for more information. 


abc titan

abc Titan TS2600

The Titan could be considered the best of both worlds, price and cost per gallon. The price of the system competes with that of an entry system, but the cost per gallon of purified water can keep up with the best of them. This system may not look like much, but could be the solution to all your window cleaning problems. The multi-stage filters make the Titan an ideal solution for the periodic cleaner.  Curious? Click for more information.

IPC Eagle 5 Stage RO/DI Cart

The Ultra Pure RODI – Reverse Osmosis Deionizing system offers the absolute purest water (zero TDS) a system could provide for the highest quality and fastest cleaning available. With the ability to run two hoses at the same time, this system is easily transportable both upright and on it's side. Click for more information.


IPC Eagle 4 Stage Hydro Cart

The Ultra Pure Hydro Cart has the unique ability to produce a high volume of pure water on normal tap water pressure. The Hydro Cart is a 4-stage filtration system to produce mineral free water providing for incredible cleaning action and spot free windows. Click for more information. 

IPC Eagle 5 Stage Hydro RO/DI Cart

The lightweight IPC Eagle is a portable 5 stage RO/DI cart that is easy to transport and operate. The Eagle works lying down and has an extremely low cost per gallon of purified water. Ready to soar? Click for more information. 


Ettore Aquaclean 2 Stage EZ Pure System

The lightweight Ettore Aquaclean 2 has a durable frame that is coated in reflex blue powder. With easily detachable houses, this system makes for a great piece of equipment if you're looking for simplicity. Excited? Click for more information. 


Ettore Aquaclean 3 Stage EZ Pure System

110v AC Model

12v Battery Model

With the 110v R3 that produces enough water on demand to run 2 water-fed poles, the Ettore Aquaclean 3 system is powered by a 1/2  horse power motor. With the option to purchase a 12v battery, the Aquaclean 3 provides power and durability to easily complete the job. Peak your interest? Click for more information.


Ettore Aquaclean 4 Stage EZ Pure System

110v AC Model

12v Battery Model

The 110v R4 on the Ettore Aquaclean 4 produces enough water on demand to run 3 water-fed poles. The system is powered by a large 1 horse power motor. The option to add a 12v battery makes this system ideal for the right balance of power and efficiency. Impressed? Click for more inofrmation. 

Ettore Aquaclean 4 Stage EZ Pure System without pump

The 'EZ Pure' weighs in at only 45 pounds and is slightly larger than a rectangular window cleaning bucket. It utilizes 4 of the RHG filters with their quick connect fitting system. The multi-filtration system makes this system simple and easy to operate. Fascinated? Click for more information. 


Ettore Aquaclean 4 Stage EZ Pure Dolly

The EZ Pure Dolly has been designed to be an all in one system for the professional window cleaner. Weighing in at only 70 pounds, the system utilizes the same 4 RHG filters that the popular EZ Pure Caddy uses. The dolly creates easy transportation and simple attachments. Hooked? Click for more information.

        At ABC we stock everything that professional window cleaners use in their daily operations – from buckets to brushes, pads to poles, popular products like the 6” Triumph Scraper, Microfiber Towels, and Ettore Squeegees to specialized products like Exel Fiberglass/Carbon Fiber Poles. We stock major brands of rope such as New England Ropes, Blue Water, Sterling Rope, PMI, and Petzl. We keep the largest inventory in the United States, period. This enables us to offer competitive pricing and same day shipping with no substitutions and hardly any backorders. At ABC, day in and day out we strive to consistently perform at peak to give you what you need. We supply all sectors of the window cleaning industry including: high-rise, commercial, residential and new construction.

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