abc SG WaterFed® Pure Water System TSSG-1 abc SG WaterFed® Pure Water System abc SG WaterFed® Pure Water System
abc SG WaterFed® Pure Water System
abc SG WaterFed® Pure Water System
abc SG WaterFed® Pure Water System
$1,900.00 $1,767.00
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Triple Crown SG1 WaterFed® Pure Water Cleaning System

$1,900.00 $1,767.00
You save: $133.00


Triple Crown

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Triple Crown SG1 WaterFed® Pure Water Cleaning System

The Triple Crown SG1 WaterFed® Cart is an upgradeable multi-filter pure water unit. The SG1 cart has no need for a power outlet, it runs on the pressure coming out of the tap. It weighs 65 lbs and is capable of producing up to 1.000 gallons of pure water per minute running off of a tap pressure of 60 psi.  

This RO DI WaterFed® System was designed to operate with a range of source water conditions. The core of its filtration is a replaceable RO membrane. The membrane allows the unit to process higher than average TDS and contributes to a low cost per gallon for pure water production. The SG1 comes with dual RO outlets allowing users to quickly bypass the DI filter when cleaning solid surfaces, presoaking or in areas with low TDS. This unit also utilizes Carbon and DI filters larger than most entry-level systems. The SG1 pure water cleaning system has been designed for window cleaners looking to get started with WaterFed® Pole cleaning, or those looking to upgrade from DI only systems. 

This WFP System is equipped with a durable powder coated steel frame with 10-inch run flat tires making it very portable. It is easily transferred into and out of a work van by one person. The larger wheels and wide stance allows it to be easily transported over a variety of landscaping materials. This system is ideal for professionals just getting started in high TDS areas but who want to be able to upgrade without replacing the whole system. Perfect for frequent use cleaning 1-3 stories without needing a pump. The SG1 unit can be upgraded to an SG2 with the addition of an AC powered pump. Triple Crown systems are top quality and sold manufacturer direct, saving you money! Better stats and more upgradable than systems like the Xero Pure or Tucker RO/DI at a better purchase and operating cost. abc stocks and supports all parts. 



  1. 50”H x 20”W x 21”D - 65lbs
  2. Multi-Filter System.
  3. Durable Steel Frame. Easy To Transport.
  4. All Parts Stocked And Supported By abc!




  • WF2CSC-21 -- (1) - 21-inch Carbon/Sediment Filter Cartridge
  • WF3CRO-40 -- (1) - 40-inch RO Filter Cartridge
  • WF2CDI-21 -- (1) - 21-inch DI Filter Cartridge




Replacement Parts




Included With Purchase

  • SG1 System With Filters
  • TDS Meter
  • Shutoff Valve
  • Owner's Manual

3 Reviews

Greg Nickens 10th Feb 2022

Buy system that doesn't require proprietary filters. Expect to pay more long term

Great system until you realize the filters are sealed in so you have no option of simply opening the housing and switching out di resin, ro filter etc. Expect to pay double the price for filters. Hope they don't stop making them, the system would be worth nothing. I expected more from triple crown. Proprietary filters is a low blow. $687.90 spent for about $350 in filters.

Carl G (Verified Customer) 9th Oct 2018

Its been nice for high windows and homes I clean frequently

Set up time takes 10-15 min which I'm working on improving, and if your going over 25ft get a carbon fiber pole or hi-mod carbon fiber pole. The Silver poles are great for lower windows. I have the 10ft silver and love it, but the 35ft silver not so much. Over all I'm excited to upgrade my system with better water flow and a more rigid 30 plus ft pole. Once I get a Hi-Mod 47ft gold pole it will change it more. I do like how it cleans the frames compared to trad.

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