Triple Crown


Triple Crown SG2 WaterFed® Pure Water Window Cleaning System

$2,400.00 $2,800.00
abc SG 2 WaterFed® Pure Water System TSSG-2 abc SG 2 WaterFed® Pure Water System abc SG 2 WaterFed® Pure Water System
abc SG 2 WaterFed® Pure Water System
abc SG 2 WaterFed® Pure Water System
abc SG 2 WaterFed® Pure Water System

Triple Crown


Triple Crown SG2 WaterFed® Pure Water Window Cleaning System

$2,400.00 $2,800.00
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Triple Crown SG2 WaterFed® Pure Water Window Cleaning System

The Triple Crown SG2 WaterFed® Cart provides excellent pure water production and is easily maneuverable in close quarters. This AC powered unit produces 2.500 gallons of pure water per minute. 

This RO DI WaterFed® System was designed to operate with a range of source water conditions. The core of this pure water cleaning system's filtration is a replaceable RO membrane. The membrane allows the unit to process higher than average TDS and contributes to a low cost per gallon for pure water production. The DI filter can be bypassed for RO only operation in situations where water quality is high enough to produce water with less than 10 TDS. The RO only operation allows those cleaning solid surfaces to produce water with 40 TDS or less from source water without using a DI filter. The unit also features a rapid drain which allows the user to reduce the overall weight of the unit when lifting this pure water window cleaning system into their vehicle at the end of the day.  

This WFP System is equipped with a durable powder coated steel frame with 10-inch run flat tires making it very portable. It is easily transferred into and out of a work van by one person. The larger wheels and wide stance allows it to be easily transported over a variety of landscaping materials. The unit comes equipped with an AC powered pump capable of producing up to 2.500 gallons per minute of pure water, but can be run without a pump with sufficient source water pressure. Perfect for frequent use cleaning 1-6 stories. Triple Crown systems are top quality and sold manufacturer direct, saving you money! abc stocks and supports all parts. 



  1. 50”H x 20”W x 21”D - 90lbs
  2. Multi-Filter System.
  3. Durable Steel Frame. AC Powered Pump.
  4. All Parts Stocked And Supported By abc!




  • WF2CSC-21 -- (1) - 21-inch Carbon/Sediment Filter Cartridge
  • WF3CRO-40 -- (1) - 40-inch RO Filter Cartridge
  • WF2CDI-21 -- (1) - 21-inch DI Filter Cartridge




Replacement Parts






Included With Purchase

  • SG2 System With Filters
  • 1 Inline Pressure Gauge
  • 16" Connection Hose
  • TDS Meter
  • Shutoff Valve
  • Owner's Manual


General Safety


The motor is non-submersible. Keep the motor dry at all times. Protect the motor from wet weather. Do not allow any part of the cord or receptacle ends to sit in water or in damp conditions. All wiring must be performed by a qualified electrician. The motor must be installed in compliance with all local national codes. Risk of electrical shock! This motor is supplied with a ground conductor and grounding attachment plug. Never remove the grounding prong on the power cord. Removal of grounding prong will make the pump unsafe to operate and increases the risk of fatal electric shock. This motor is supplied with a GFCI attachment. Do not operate this motor without GFCI protection. Do not operate the motor with a damaged power cord. Only pump clear, Non-salt water. Never run the pump dry.


Customer Reviews
4 out of 5 stars
Based on 9 reviews
Keenan 30th May 2024

My crews favorite RO, but cylinder strength should be better

This is every one of my crews favorite RO to use. The DI/RO filter/membrane provide great tds #'s for a fantastic amount of time if you can keep them in one piece. It can easily run two 65' poles at once with excellent water flow volume. I suspect it could feed three at once. But... if your not super careful about having either the output or overflow completely wide open when starting the pump it can pop/break the cylinders. We've had 2 DI chambers pop, and the RO chamber once. The cylinders are not thick or robust enough to handle the pressure that the pump creates within the system and it splits/pops the chambers open.

Brandon Zell Clear View Building Services Inc 25th Apr 2021

Pump for SG2 cart

I originally ordered this cart in November of 2018. It performed very well. We use it frequently running 2 poles over 3 stories. About a year after the pump started making noise. At a year and a half I had to buy a new pump but not the motor. Of course out of warranty. Shortly after that, GFCI plug on the unit stopped working. So now we just plug directly into the motor. One of the wheel bearings is going out as well. I am now two and a half years into this unit and those are the only issues so far. The pump is starring to make noise again, so we will see what happens. But it's a better price than similar systems on the market.

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