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    Triple Crown NXT4 WaterFed® Pure Water Cleaning System

    $2,700.00 $2,595.00
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    Triple Crown

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    Triple Crown NXT4 WaterFed® Pure Water Cleaning System

    The Triple Crown NXT 4.0 WaterFed® Cart is for the professional window cleaner. Weighing 112lbs., the system is a 4 stage multi-filter system that produces 1.091 gallons of purified water per minute. The number of gallons produced reflects its need to work its way through the multi-filter system. The cost of a gallon of purified water is $0.019. The cost is kept low because of the multi-filtration system. When filters can rely on other filters to assist in the purification of water, the result is longer lasting filters. 

    This WFP System comes with a 100 foot 1/4-inch diameter hose with reel and a booster pump that pushes the purified water to the brush, allowing you to reach greater heights. It is best for frequent use cleaning 1-6 stories. It is equipped with a durable powder coated steel frame with 10-inch run flat tires making it very portable. The larger wheels and wide stance allows it to be easily transported over a variety of landscaping materials. The NXT 4.0 is easy to upgrade. The NXT series of pure water cleaning carts are designed to allow the professional window cleaner to choose the version that best fits their needs. If those needs change, simply upgrade. Triple Crown systems are top quality and sold manufacturer direct, saving you money! abc stocks and supports all parts.  



    1. 38"H x 16”W x 17”D - 112lbs
    2. 4 Stage Multi-Filter System
    3. Boost Pump. 100' Hose Reel.
    4. All Parts Stocked And Supported By abc!




    • WF2CDI-21 -- (1) - 21-inch DI Filter Cartridge
    • WF2CSC-21 -- (1) - 21-inch Carbon/Sediment Filter Cartridge
    • WF2CRO-21 -- (2) - 21-inch RO Filter Cartridge




    Replacement Parts

    • WF601311 -- Shut-off Valve
    • HMTDS-3 -- TDS Meter
    • WF65000-WH -- Wheels
    • WF7000-RF -- Replacement Feet
    • TA-NXT-OUTELBOW -- Outlet Elbow (Please Call)
    • TA-NXT-INELBOW -- Inlet Elbow (Please Call)


    Included With Purchase

    • NXT4 System With Filters
    • Pump
    • Hose Reel
    • TDS Meter
    • Shutoff Valve
    • Bypass Tubing
    • Owner's Manual

    3 Reviews

    18th Oct 2018

    Love it!

    The quick start guide got me up and running in a short amount of time. I don’t remember seeing a manual apart from the quick start guide. I’ll have to check my emails. It has speeded-up outdoor cleaning substantially, and in most circumstances it allows for thorough cleaning of frames and sills from the second story and of work. The gray supply hose from the unit is supple and flexible, which is good. The rubber is so soft, however, that it catches on everything. If there is a way to make the outside cover of the hose slide a little more easily over landscaping, that would be wonderful.

    28th Mar 2017

    Overall, I think the NXT 4 is great

    WaterFed has changed my business to be more efficient and has made it so that everyone who has used the NXT 4 said it was very easy.

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