Hubble WaterFed® Card TS2700 Hubble WaterFed® Card
Hubble WaterFed® Card
Hubble WaterFed® Card
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Triple Crown Hubble WaterFed® Pure Water Cleaning System

$675.00 $639.00
You save: $36.00

SKU: TS2700

Triple Crown

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Triple Crown Hubble WaterFed® Pure Water Cleaning System

The Triple Crown Hubble WaterFed® System with its low cost and inexpensive filter replacement is a perfect entry into WaterFed®. Weighing 25lbs., the system takes advantage of dual DI filters working together to produces 3 gallons of purified water per minute. The cost of a gallon of purified water is $0.306. This cost reflects how often your filters will need to be changed based on the number of gallons produced. The filter system for the Hubble is DI only, allowing it to work quickly to deliver pure water. As a result, there is a higher cost per gallon than multi-stage.  

This WFP System is light, compact and designed to upgrade to a 4 stage multi-filter system easily. It is best for periodic use cleaning 1-6 stories without needing a pump, or for areas with very low TDS. However, adding a pump gives the cart additional power. Triple Crown systems are top quality and sold manufacturer direct, saving you money! abc stocks and supports all parts. 



  1. 15"H x 11.5”W x 29”D - 25lbs
  2. Dual DI System.
  3. Easy Change, Low-Cost Filter Cartridges.
  4. All Parts Stocked And Supported By abc!




  • WF2CDI-21 -- (2) - 21-inch DI Filter Cartridge



  • Hubble Quick Start Guide Video -- Coming Soon
  • Hubble Filter Change Video -- Coming Soon
  • Hubble Written Quick Start Guide -- Coming Soon
  • Hubble Written Manual -- Coming Soon


Replacement Parts


Optional Upgrades


Included With Purchase

  • Hubble System With Filters
  • TDS Meter
  • Shutoff Valve
  • Bypass Hose
  • Owner's Manual

1 Review

Michael Cornelius 16th Aug 2021

Hubble Triple Crown

We have used this unit twice and so far it has performed very well. I very good intro unit to Water Fed Pole window Cleaning.

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